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REGULAR MEMBER - $175.00 annually

Any person licensed or registered as a Land Surveyor by any of the States, Commonwealths, District of Columbia or Territories of the United States.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER - $60.00 annually

Any person not meeting the qualifications of the regular or affiliate membership class, and being interested in land surveying and / or the activities of the Association.  If said person attains registration as a Professional Land Surveyor, said individual must be certified as a Land Surveyor Member.  The Associate Member is not entitled to vote on Association business and cannot hold office. 

AFFILIATE MEMBER - $175.00 annually

Any business entity engaged in either the manufacture or distribution of surveying instruments or equipment, or in the compilation or reproduction of maps, or in the performance of service for land surveyors.  An affiliate member is entitled to be represented at all meetings and will receive copies of all literature dispensed by the Association.  The Affiliate Member is not entitled to vote on any Association business and cannot hold office.


NOTE:  The annual dues, payable on October 1st of each year, shall be set by the Board of Directors for each class of membership and if not paid within 90 days of October 1st, the member shall forfeit his or her membership in this Association.  Regular member and Associate member dues may be prorated.  Affiliate member dues shall not be prorated.  Honorary members shall not pay dues.